Tecnosicurezza MiniTech

High security electronic safe lock for professional use

The MiniTech by Tecnosicurezza is the perfect safe lock solution for a user-friendly and intuitive locking system for safes and security containers in the commercial sector.

It features a time delay and time lock as well as one time codes/dynamic codes and 30 special opening and closing periods each. Based on the successful TechMaster design, the MiniTech is also equipped with an audit capacity of 5500 events (audit capacity depends on the selected lock). Once programmed everything is adjustable via keypad.

The lock was developed by Tecnosicurezza, an Italian manufacturer with over 35 years of experience in the safe industry.


  • Display 16×2
  • LED green/red
  • Buzzer
  • Integrated battery compartment
  • Diagnostic mode
  • Dallas terminal


  • MiniTech (Metal, grey) – Art.: T9520-GR
  • MiniTech with Dallas terminal (Metal, grey) – Art.: T9520-GR



  • Standard mounting dimensions

Configuration options

  • many display languages available (see product catalog)
  • Coated circuit board for high humiditiy environments

Power supply

  • 9V alkaline battery (accessories)
  • Battery box (accessories)
  • external power supply with ConnBox (accessories)


MiniTech accessories, spare parts and configuration options: in our current product catalog.

  • 1 Master, 1 Manager, 48 users
  • 10 users can be configured as override users (code)
  • Dual mode (4-eyes principle)
  • Dallas key (optional)
  • Opening/Time delay: 1-99 minutes;
    Release/Entry period: 1-19 minutes
  • Audit: 5500 events
    with date and time (audit capacity depends on the selected lock)
  • Dynamic codes/One time codes
  • Multi-lock system
  • Silent alarm and remote blocking (can be actived)
  • Bypass of opening delay by remote signal
  • Time lock weekly program
  • 30 special opening and closing periods each
  • Diagnostic mode