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Dual Code Mode

If activated, 2 valid codes (and possibly keys) must be entered one after the other in order to open the lock. The function is also called 4-eyes principle and is used when no one should have access to the safe alone.


Normally it does not matter which of the two people enters their code first. If the first code is valid, the code entry is confirmed as correct. The second person then has about 20 seconds to start entering the code. If the second code is also valid, the lock can be opened. If an opening delay has also been programmed, one valid code is sufficient to start the delay time. To actually open it, two valid codes must be entered one after the other.

There are manufacturers who make no difference between starting the delay and opening, so two codes are always required. With very few exceptions, this is not recommendable. It does not lead to more security, but instead to an unnecessary reduction in the productivity of two employees. In the worst case, one has to wait for the other.