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Picture of new high security motor lock
New member in our group of high security locks!

The new motor lock is VdS class 2 (EN1300 class B) certified and has excellent properties:

  • The standard version of the bolt has a high closing force thanks to a built-in double spring.
  • In the “Push & Pull” variant, the bolt pushes with a force of up to 30 Newtons (approx. 3 kg) in both directions.
  • Because of the integrated drill protection, the lock can be installed above a spindle or keyhole w/o risking certification.
The lock is now available for the product lines
  • TechMaster
  • Minitech
  • DigiTech
  • PulsPro
  • TouchManager
  • DirectActivation

Due to high knowledge, independent consulting, project Management, and innovative products, Lock4Safe has won the trust of its customers. Today Lock4Safe conducts extensive projects throughout Europe and the USA.

Lock4Safe …

… develops cash security concepts for customers

… plans retrofits on existing safes and performs the installation

… trains managers and the staff on site

Lock4Safe is …

… experienced and independent

… focused on the requirements of the customer

… very price competitive


AGA Skeylock 246
Time lock, Lock4Safe

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