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Smart electronic safe locks, key locks for safes, combination locks for safes and the related security technology – Lock4Safe offers you smart electronic safe locks and security systems for industrial companies, wholesale, retail and banks as well as private customers.

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A closer look: The new Tecnosicurezza Swingbolt lock

Minimization of risks thanks to a new 2-step blocking mechanism!

The internal blocking of the lock bolt is almost at the end of the rotating movement in current designs. This often leads to closed but not locked safe doors since the lock bolt is retracted still. And from the vertical position of the door handle, this situation is hardly noticed from the outside. …

This potential risk has been minimized with the new Tecnosicurezza Swingbolt/Rotobolt lock.

Dyama: One time codes/Dynamic codes for safe locks

Without network connection.

Video shows how to generate One time code with DyamaApp.

Generate One time codes/Dynamic codes for your safe locks: with Dyama.

The use of One time codes/Dynamic codes is the best way to raise the security level in all applications where more people have the need to access the same value container system (eg. Safes, Safety deposit boxes).

Now available for the following safe lock systems:
and TechMaster

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As independent and experienced experts for safe locks and security technology, we work closely with the manufacturers of products in the safe environment. This makes it possible to pass on high-security locks from our constantly growing safe lock portfolio and the associated knowledge to our customers.

Due to personal contact and advice, we specify the perfect locking system (electronic safe lock, key lock for safes) for our customers and are able to adapt it to their needs.

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