The Opening/Time delay should prevent that in case of a robbery the safe cannot be opened immediately with a blackmailed code. Everyone is forced to wait the programmed delay.

IMPORTANT: If delay is installed, it should be clearly indicated on the safe (for example, with a sticker) that the door is “time-locked”. Time lock sticker are available in our Lock4Safe Online Shop.


After entering a valid code the lock is stil remains closed. Waiting/release time starts. During these period the keypad is locked. For entry units with display, the elapsed time is displayed. When delay/waiting has elapsed, the opening/entry time starts – recognizable by signal sounds (beeb tones) and the elapsing time in the display. If a valid code is entered within the entry time (with the 4-eye principle according to the second code), the lock opens. If the entry time has elapsed without a valid code being entered, the lock stay closed. After entering a valid code the waiting/release time starts again.

delay time-bild

Application fields

This function is successfully used where a safe contains large amounts of cash. Primarily in warehouses, restaurants and banks. In most cases the notice on the door is enough to discourage a robbery. However, if an opening/time delay is installed the safe lock is less convenient, because each time the safe must be opened, the opening/delay time must be included. This function is completely unsuitable for offices or similar applications where a document is needed “briefly”.