Specialists for Safe Locks

Founded by experienced vault specialists, Lock4safe has been known for years for innovative safe locks and security products.

A safe lock is only secure if the owner knows how to use it.

This is quoted from Ludwig Kersten, one of our company founders. It reminds of the fact that with all modern technical possibilities one should not forget that a safe lock is still a very special device. The owner must be able to understand it immediately. For most technical devices we do not know all the functions. That fact doesn’t matter at all with a television or cell phone. With a safe lock, however, security is at risk if others have access to codes and functions that the owner does not even know.

That is why we devote ourselves to information and training on the topic of safes and locks. We offer lock systems that have an understandable concept and are easy to use.

As independent experts, we work closely with the manufacturers of products in the area of ​​safes and can therefore draw from a large reservoir. Our work practice is outstanding because we stand for pragmatic solutions that work in the everyday life of customers.

In our portfolio we bring the best products from different manufacturers together with our own developments.

Lock4Safe is the first choice for banks, department stores and restaurants for developing and implementing cash security concepts. Safes for supermarkets and discounter chains form a separate area in which Lock4Safe Cash-Room-Master has specialized.