As in the hierarchy of a company, there are also different authorizations for a safe lock. The authorization is determined by what type of code you get. There are simple opening codes and function codes that allows you to adjust settings on the lock. One of the most important function code is the manager code. It is used to activate or delete the opening codes.

No! This is not allowed for certified locks and would also be a high security risk. Probably someone would constantly try to get this code out by contact the manufacturer or distributor.

Advice: However, we recommend you to create your own service code. With a few exceptions, each electronic safe lock can have at least two opening codes. Activate a new code, write the code down and deposit the piece of paper in a safe place (but not in this safe!). An even safer option: deposit this information anonymously online. There are many providers for this procedure, for example  banks.

If the scenario arises that you forget the manager code once, you now have the possibility to at least open the safe with the help of your service code.

Yes, but be careful: The letters on the keypad are only meant as a help to remember the key sequence better. The lock „believes“ you continue to enter numbers. The keyboard does not work like a cell phone. For example: do not press [2] 3 times to enter a „D“.

Basically, each lock user can and should determine their own code. The manager creates only a preliminary code when a code is activated first. This security feature protects user and manager from suspicion of manipulation. With the integrated audit function, it is possible to determine which code was used to open the lock. But not who entered the code.

Note: If you know codes from others, it is difficult to dismiss suspicion.

However, the manager retains control over the codes. He has the authority to block or delete codes even without knowing them.