Pulse PRO safe lock

High security electronic safe lock for professional use

The Tecnosicurezza Pulse PRO is an advanced locking system for the professional sector. Specifications like the emergency code or the blocking of  “ghost codes” make this safe lock system so exceptional. Pulse PROs metal housing as well as the rubberized keypad ensures the functionalilty even abfter long time of usage.

You can choose from more than 80 pre-programmed settings.

Due to the wide field of application, the Pulse PRO is an ideal emergency or replacement lock that you should always have with you as a service technician. You only need this type (almost). It is programmable on site – without additional accessories. The entry unit itself recognizes whether it is an analog or digital system and is downward compatible with La Gard, Wittkopp Primor and NL Lock.

NEW, SMART and available SOON: MySafe – The smart way to administer your safes. The patented MySafe system will be supplied including the Tecnosicurezza Pulse PRO. Due to the MySafe app you have full control over your safes! (see green gallery image)

Manage among others

  • personalized access control
  • the management of multiple safes and users
  • a time lock
  • track real time activities on your safes: thanks so push messages on your smartphone

Find out more: www.mysafe.world


  • Pulse PRO (brushed chrome) – Art.: T6630-GRP
  • Pulse PRO with Dallas terminal (brushed chrome) – Art.: T6630-DL-GRP



  • Standard mounting dimensions

Configuration options

  • with Mounting frame
  • Set for rotatable mounting

Power supply

  • 9V alkaline battery (accessories)
  • battery box (accessories)
  • external power supply with ConnBox (accessories) 


Pulse PRO accessories, spare parts and configuration options: in our current product catalog.

  • 2 Masters, 3 Managers, 49 Users
  • 10 users can be configured as override user
  • 80 different Pulse Pro programms configurable via keypad
  • Dual mode users (4-eyes principle)
  • Dallas key (optional)
  • Opening/Time delay: 1- 99 minutes
  • Release/Entry period: 1-19 minutes
  • Audit: 8000 events (audit capacity depends
    on the lock option) with time and date
  • Silent alarm and remote blocking
    (can be activated)
  • Bypass of opening delay by remote signal
  • Time programmable with entry unit
  • No need to change DST settings
  • Manipulation protection
  • Diagnostic function
  • Master reset
  • ERC Emergency rescue code (optional)

Configuarble by manager:

  • Door open alarm
  • Bolt status output
  • Code expiry
  • Buzzer silencing function