How many codes do you need?

This is a typical question from a seller of electronic locks. A lot depends on the number of codes, but above all the price. So a seller says “the more the better”. Sure, better for him. For security, however, the fewer codes the lock has, the better it is. Why? Each additional code offers one more possibility to open the safe. The more codes in circulation, the more difficult it is to monitor that no code gets into the wrong hands.

So it is safest to have only one code; like a mechanical lock ??

Well, nobody wants to go back to that time. And that is not necessary either. However, it is important that you manage the codes if your lock offers more than one code. And there is the problem:

Many manufacturers offer locks with a huge number of codes, but make no effort to simplify the management of the codes. It is merely impossible to manage 99 and more codes when only a beep signal and one or two lights are available. Who wants to query the status of each code individually on the keypad for 30 or so minutes and pay attention to whether the beep was shorter or longer? This is not possible without a graphic or at least text display. However, if you cannot check the status of the codes, the lock is NOT SAFE!

The number of codes is not a quality feature !!

Choose only as many codes as you really need. Most of our safe locks can completely block out unnecessary codes. So nobody can install a “back door” later and you can sleep safe and peacefully.