Is my lock gone crazy?

If my electronic lock shows me that my code is invalid, there are two options: either I really enter the wrong code or my lock has gone crazy.

Of course, first of all I am sure that my code is correct. “It was working yesterday,” I tell myself. If I finally have the service company on the phone, I am surprised when I hear the following: “OK, Mr. Kersten, let’s see if the lock or the code is the problem”.

“Is that possible?” I ask. “Yes, with the diagnostic function. Keep the button [5] pressed until the lamp stays on. Now please press the [1] and tell me which signal you hear. ”

“It beeped twice” I answer. “That is great, it means this button works perfectly. Now please continue with the buttons [2] – [3] – [4] and so on, up to [0]. Was there a different signal for any button?” “No, it always beeped twice. Does that mean my code is wrong? ”

“I’m afraid so. Maybe you have two digits swapped – or did you change the code recently?” “Hm, no idea. I’m not sure with the code. But I have to have the safe open.” “No problem, I would be happy to send you the service technician. But you will understand that this is not covered by the guarantee.” “Of course,”I say, “let me try if I don’t remember the code. If not, I’ll call again.”