Lock4Safe is the distributor for AGA key locks

Since summer 2020 Lock4Safe has taken over the distribution of AGA key locks in the German-speaking countries, The Netherlands and Eastern Europe. The Spanish company AGA produces locks of very good quality. Thanks to our agreement, we can now offer the safe locks very inexpensive.

The AG246 (VdS class 1) and the AG247 (VdS class 2) are our best-selling key locks. These locks have proven themselves internationally for a long time but are only just being discovered by our customers in Germany.

AGA Skeylock 246
Keylock AGA 246

AGA keylock 247
Keylock AGA 247

After the takeover of STUV by Wittkopp, many are fearing a monopoly and rising prices in the sector. Do not worry. The prices for AGA locks remain stable because they are based not on the German but on the international market.

We will be happy to send you a current price sheet for AGA key locks.