Time lock management

Always around the holiday season, we received quite a few inquiries similar to the following:

“Time lock locked, what to do?”


“… must activate time lock for a special occasion”.

The pitfalls of a time lock with weekly program (s) usually occur around the holidays. When the processes change, the opening times are different and things get hectic in general. Who then has the time to delve into the instructions (if available) and to adapt the time program to the new circumstances? However, if it is not adjusted, the time lock may turn into a nuisance and a brake on productivity.

Because it is technically not very complicated, time lock functions are often built into the higher-quality safe locks and are also sold as the non-plus-ultra. But you have to understand that there is no standard for time locks with electronic high-security locks. There is not even a clear definition for the word time lock. And if you look at Wikipedia under “time lock” you also read a lot of nonsense. It is solely up to the manufacturer what he means by this term. Therfore it is logical that there are big differences in the quality of the time lock functions. Unfortunately, the differences in quality often only become really clear in exceptional situations such as on holidays.

It is definitely an important quality feature whether the function can be adapted to the required security level as well as to the business processes. A time lock in the classic sense is actually only needed in bank safes.

If you are considering installing a lock with a time lock function in your safes these days or you have waited for three hours in the evening for the safe service because you could no longer get to the safe due to the time lock, then seek advice from independent experts that do not represent a specific lock line. The locks are different and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Incidentally, there are numerous alternatives to a time lock. It is often much better to cleverly combine other lock functions in order to obtain a system that avoids the disadvantages of a time lock and still offers the same level of security.

At Lock4Safe we ​​advise you discretely and independently. On request, we can provide the appropriate locks, organize and coordinate the entire project, monitor the installation and conduct training for employees at all levels.