Cash-Room-Master - Lock4Safe

Feature: The Cash-Room-Master

This innovative safe lock is especially designed for use in cash offices, supermarkets and restaurant chains.

Its unique shift modus allows only the safe responsible person on duty to open alone.

Display Entry Units

TechMaster safe lock - Lock4Safe


IP capable locking system for safes and vaults

Leader - locking system - Lock4Safe


With illuminated display, 40 user codes and wireless IP connection.

safe lock - DigiTech - Lock4Safe


Just like Combogard 39E,  but with display, date and time.

safelock - MiniTech - Lock4safe


User friendly and intuitive locking system for safes

Redundant Safe Locks

DUET - Lock4Safe

Safe lock DUET

combines an electronic safe lock and a mechanical combination lock in a single housing.

Universal Rotobolt

Safe lock "Universal Rotobolt" - Lock4Safe


Universal Rotobolt is only half the size as the common standard locks.


Entry Units

Premier Black Pearl Entry unit for safe locks - Lock4Safe

Premier “Black Pearl”

Entry units with slanted surface and illuminated keypad.

Premier Tastatur für Tresore - Lock4Safe

Premier Metal

Metal entry units with slanted surface and illuminated keypad.

Pulse Entry Units


Sturdy metal entry units also suited for use in businesses.

Pulse Pro NEW



Sturdy metal entry unit – Our new all-rounder with many features!