Netzwerk Interface TechMaster Tresorschloss

Tecnosicurezza Network interface

for Technosicurezza TechMaster

This interface provides a secure connection between the TechMaster safe lock and devices/systems outside the safe.

This includes for example burgler alarm systems, computer networks or external signal devices.

Due to the ethernet network connection, the safe lock can be managed completely via remote using the Coren software. There is also a corresponding app for mobile devices.

The interface can be connected to an burgler alarm detection system via up to three lines:

  • Hold-up alarm
    (e.g. for immediate alerting of the security service/the police)
  • Bolt position
    (e.g. to prevent the alarm system from being armed when the safe door is still open)
  • Blocking entrance
    (e.g. to block all code entries after the alarm system has been armed)