Now in our portfolio: Motor lock

Picture of new motor lock

The new member in our family of products is a motor lock

Being better and significantly cheaper than previous models, the new motorized lock comes in 3 versions:

  • Opening by the pulling force of the motor and closing by the action of a pair of springs.
  • certified VdS class 2 (EN1300 class B)
  • Closing force 4 Newtons
  • 2x M4 holes in the bolt
Push & Pull:
  • Opening and closing by motor power.
  • certified VdS class 2 (EN1300 class B)
  • Closing force 30 Newton (approx. 3KG against gravity)
  • 2x M4 holes in the bolt
As Latch Bolt:
  • Opening by the pulling force of the motor and closing by spring action (after the door is closed)
  • Angled bolt (latch bolt)
Picture of new high security motor lock

Fig .: New motor lock, dead bolt and latch bolt

Integrated drill protection

Few locks on the market are allowed to be placed directly over a keyhole or spindle hole. The new motor lock belongs to this small group and is in this mounting condition still certified by the VdS. The integrated drill protection makes it possible.

Drill protection on the underside of the motor lock

Smaller connector plugs

The small Pico-Spox plugs are used to connect the lock to the associated keyboard. There are here and there discussions about the advantages and disadvantages. The assembly is a little more delicate due to the small connector. However, one must consider that safes and boltworks are becoming more and more compact. Often there is simply not enough space to make the connection with the larger 4-wire connectors in such a way that the cables are protected.

Increased Audit Trail

The improved electronics offer many innovations. Most noticeable is the larger audit trail.
the new motor lock offers

  • 8,000 events with Pulse PRO / DigiTech systems
  • 10,000 events with MiniTech systems
  • 15,000 events with TechMaster systems

The new motor lock is now available