For the fourth time we were at the EuroCIS in Düsseldorf.  This year we had again many national and international customers at our booth, who were very interested in our products.

More and more, the customers are asking for locks that can do more than just open and close a safe with a code.

Next to our “classic” collection like the Cash – Room – Master (multiple codes, audits and network connection) and the PulsePro (emergency code, hotel mode) we were proud to present new wireless versions, the DyamaWeb–Lock–System.

The DyamaWeb – Lock – System is the perfect solution to increase the security level in Safes that have often – changing users, for instance Cash- in- transit – personnel. This system impresses with its efficiency, safety and its low personnel cost.

Via a specially created server, one-time – codes are generated fully automated by means of a mobile app. These codes can open the safe once within a pre – defined period. Just to name one of the extraordinary features.

Our college Metallsafe from Dresden developed a different, but nonetheless very interesting solution: A safe with a built in camera that is connected to a mobile phone. That way you are able to see who is in front of the safe and can grant access by sending the code. Via the app, you can see when the safe is open and when it is closed again.

Both systems sparked great interest among the visitors of our booth. We apologize for the resulting waiting times. We are always at your disposal for personal product advice.