Team at EuroCIS

An eventful and promising fair is behind us. This year, we have once again enjoyed talking to many present and hopefully future customers.

At this year´s appearance at the EuroCIS 2018, the focus was on two main areas:

1. We wanted to show how we retrofit existing safes with our electronic safe lock: The Cash-Room-Master. Therefore, we had three standard safes with key- locks, as you find in many retail stores. Our Technician exchanged the locks at our booth, the way we do during opening hours in the stores! The effort to retrofit the safes with a modern electronic lock is less, than most of the visitors expected. The three safes were provided from the known Safe Manufacturer Essener Geldschränke Fabrik, Format Tresorbau and Orgami Sistec.


2. The other spotlight was on the locks of the universal series. The Universal Rotobolt stirred the curiosity of the manufacturers of cash dispensers and cash recycler, as it is the perfect solution for the ever-shrinking doors of cash recycler, especially since it has exactly the same possibility as the big locks, by just needing 50% of the mounting surface!


We noticed an increasing interest for locks with dynamic Codes. Below you can see two of our locks that have dynamic code, the Cash-Room-Master and the MiniTech:


For years we are selling locks for games, events and competitions where the user should ”crack” the code to win prices. For the first time we did such a game on our own at EuroCIS 2018 with a glass safe. It was a lot of fun and the lucky winners got some nice prices. Of course, this was also to advertise our Gamble-Lock.

At the EuroCIS 2018, we had a very constructive and interesting conversation with you, which hopefully will lay the foundation for successful collaborations. We hope our innovative Cash Security Concept convinced you. We are looking forward to launching new and exciting projects with you.

Thank you for visiting our booth at the EuroCIS 2018! If you still have any questions, we would be happy to provide you with a personal product presentation.

Goodbye until next Year at the EuroCis 2019