The PulsePRO is an advanced locking system, combing an entry unit and several lock possibilities like a Rotobolt, StraightBolt or MotorLock etc. There are new software specifications which makes this lock exceptional. For instance, it has an Emergency Rescue Code (ERC), a hotel mode, an audit trail of 5500 events, more than 80 pre-programmed configurations, codes expiry and a time delay in minutes or seconds and it has even a gamble play mode!

All these locks are certified VdS Class 2 and UL Group 1.

PulsePro (3)

Magnet Dallas Key


Dallas Reader/Molex PulsePro


Alarm Interface



  • 49 user codes
  •  Remote disable opening
  • 2 Managers
  • Remote time delay override
  • 2 Masters
  • Door open alarm
  • 10 Override users
  • Bolt status output
  • Code expiry
  • Dual code mode
  • Manipulation Protection
  • Audit trail with date and time up to 5500 events
  • Time delay 1-99 minutes and seconds
  • Dallas Keys
  • Open window 1-19 minutes and seconds
  • Automatic DST
  • Diagnostic Function
  • Pre-programmed configurations (more than 80)
  • 9V alkaline battery in the entry unit
  • Fully configurable by keypad
  • Hotel mode
  • Master reset
  • Hardware reset
  • ERC – Emergency Rescue Code
  • Buzzer silencing function
  • Gamble play mode



Locking options