The angled keypad of the Premier entry unit remembers of course of the well known LG Basic or the Cawi Primor. However it knows one extra trick: With one press on the “light bulp button” the keys are illuminated, making code entry easy in low light situations (like on under counter safes in stores or gun safes after dark).

Two versions of Premier are available:
Metal housing in mat chrome finish
ABS housing in “Black Pearl” finish


Program and Audit software


Alarm Interfaces


Features Home 2

  • 1 Manager, 1 User
  • Time delay 1-99 minutes – Open window 1-19 minutes
  • Penalty
  • Keypad test
  • Power supply:
    • 9V Alkaline battery in entry unit

Features Home 10

  • 1 Manager, 8 users
  • 1 additional time delay override user (optional)
  • Dual mode (optional)
  • User Dallas keys (optional)
  • Time delay 1-99 minutes – Open window 1-19 minutes
  • Audit: 100 events without time and date (with Dallas key)
  • Silent alarm
  • Remote disable opening (with interface)
  • Penalty
  • Keypad test
  • Power:
    • 9V Alkaline battery in entry unit
    • 6x 1,5V Alkaline batteries in large battery box (optional)
    • 12V from alarm System or power supply


  • VdS Class 2, EN1300 Class B
  • UL Group 1



Locking options

  • automatic
  • Universal Rotobolt
  • automatic
  • Rotobolt
  • manual
  • Straightbolt
  • manual/automatic
  • Springbolt