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Short Description

The MiniTech is the perfect solution for a user-friendly and intuitive locking system for safes and safety containers. It features a time delay and time lock.

Its technology based on the successful TechMaster lock. The MiniTech is equipped with an Audit capacity for 5500 events and outstanding user functions.

Once programmed, everything is adjustable via the keyboard. Tecnosicurezza, a safe-lock Company with 25 years’ experience, is the developer of this reliable safe lock!


Dallas Key


Audit Sets


Alarm Interfaces



  • 1 manager, 9 user
  • 1 user can be configured as cash carrier
  • Dual mode users (4-eyes-prinziple)
  • Dallas key (optional)
  • Timedelay 1-99 minutes – open window 1-19 minutes
  • Audit: 5500 events with time and date
  • Silent alarm and remote closing (optional)
  • Remote override time delay
  • Time lock weekly schedule
  • 30 programmable special opening and closing periods
  • Blocking period
  • Time and timelock programmable via the input unit
  • Automatic daylight saving time
  • Dynamic codes
  • Penalty
  • Diagnostic functions
  • Power supply
    • 9V Alkaline battery in entry unit
    • 6x 1,5V Alkaline battery in large batterybox  (optional)
    • 12V from alarm system (optional)


  • vds_logo30 Class 2, EN1300 Class B
  • UL Group 1
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