Controlling the Safe with One Time Codes

The use of One Time Codes is the best way to increase the security level of safes where multiple operators need access.
With this system, it is possible to generate codes for one time use with no need physical contact between the computer and the safe.
The Code expires when the lock was opened or after a preset time limit.

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Advantages of DyamaWeb:

  • Savings: One Time Codes are generated fully automatic. There is no need for extra personnel in
    the head quarter.
  • Security: It is possible to generate the one time code only near the safe by using the GPS of the
    mobile device.
  • Efficiency: Several devices can be connected with the DyamaWeb. That allows a high efficiency
    even in big companies.
  • Flexibility: DyamaWeb is able to interact with third party Systems. This allows the integration of
    One Time Codes directly in existing customer-specific software.
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