The redundant safe lock DUET Rotobolt © combines an electronic safe lock and a mechanical combination lock in one housing. The operator uses the advantages of both systems. The lock has the standard mounting dimensions (66,5x41mm) and can be mounted in all 4 mounting positions. (RH, LH, VU, VD). Though it is a 4-wheel lock, the housing thickness is under 30 mm. This makes this lock usable in almost any safe or security container.

Next to the comfortable and easy everyday use of the electronic keypad, the lock can also be opened with the independent mechanical code. This provides the comfortable feeling that even in case the electronic fails or there is no power, there is still the century approved mechanical safe lock technology, which will open the safe no matter what.


Lithium Battery

Lock4Safe 9V Lithium Battery


  • 2 electronic codes: 1 Manager, 1 User
  • 1 mechanical code, 4-wheel
  • Time delay 1-99 minutes – Open window 1-19 minutes
  • Manipulation protection
  • Diagnostic function
  • Power:
    • 9V alkaline or lithium battery in the entry unit


  • vds_logo30 in preparation: Class 2, EN1300 Class B
  • UL Group 1


NL Lock

Locking Option

  • Redundant