The safe lock Duet combines both an electronic safe lock and a mechanical combination lock in one housing. With that, the user has the best of both worlds.

Like the comfortable and easy everyday use of just typing your code in, to open the lock. In addition, the safe feeling even if the electronic is collapsing there is still the century approved mechanical safe lock, which will open the safe no matter what.


Montage Tool

Duet Montage Werkzeug

Alarm Interface

Duet Alarm Interface


  • 1 mechanical Code, 4-wheel
  • 1 Manager, 1 User
  • Time delay 1-99 minutes – Open window 1-19 minutes
  • Penalty
  • Diagnostic function
  • Power:
    • 9V alkaline battery in the entry unit


  • vds_logo30 Class 2, EN1300 Class B
  • UL Group 1


NL Lock

Locking Option

  • Redundant